Earlier visits to France had produced canvases from Oger, Champagne in the north to Beau de Provence. A chance to paint the Ponte Langlois near Arles and works in Sainte Remy and around Saint Paul de Mausole. Further south in Lazio Italy, I had painted similar farmhouses near the village of Monte Cardeto and Graveson de Provence. With their terracotta rooftops, easily distinguished in these Mediterranean hills, all the way to Rome along the Italian coastline. Lucky enough to walk the cobble stone streets of Florence with Caravaggio in mind, canvas in hand and headed for street food.

Florence is a generous city with cultural roots carved in solid stone and the magnificence of colour reflected in its architecture and works of art. The preservation of natural pigments had been faithfully guarded here and would later also influence the impressionists in France in their search for colour in nature. van Gogh painted the Ponte de Langlois from the other side and further down the embankment towards the water but I needed contrast against the solid dark drawbridge during later winter and clear sky.