derives from the title of a painting that Claude Monet exhibited at the first independent

Salon on the Boulevard des Capuccines in Paris 1872 together with over thirty other artists

The painting entitled Impression, soleil levant - oil on canvas 48 x 63 cm, and which now hangs in the

Musee Marmottan Paris, was used as a title by the press


It signified the first attempts by artists to paint directly with sunlight in the open,

and although individual styles varied, their work however shared some common characteristics


An attempt to capture fleeting visual sensations or impressions

The use of short, choppy or "broken" brushstrokes

The application of unmixed pigment directly onto the canvas

A rejection of black, instead, shadows were suggested by the complimentary or opposite colour of the subject,

i.e. red / green, blue / orange, yellow / violet

Blurred outlines and softened forms

Unusual vantage points and cropped figures

Subject matter that focused on contemporary life or nature treated in an objective manner

An awareness of white light photons from the sun and the perception of colour





As the sun sets along the Nile in Cairo Egypt, it lightens irises in the Luberon mountains of France and eucalypt forests in Australia



Medium and large format oils on canvas completed in one sitting


Pursuance of truth in nature and the appearance of light as it shifts through time, has

captured the imagination of South African born Enver Larney who paints impressionist landscapes around the world

After more than forty one man shows globally since 1972, features in private, public and corporate collections



Recent media

Larney's creed involves a form of sun - worship. "Any artificial light has a shade which will neutralize pure colour "

Tabloid "Around Emirates". Piers Grimley Evans Gulf News Staff Reporter Dubai UAE 12th May 2005

"As an artist, he is attracted by powerful earth scenarios, but then, staying committed to impressionism, is to be a dinosaur"

Spotlight Time Out Rajeev Nair The Gulf Today Dubai UAE 28th April 2005



326 Rosebank NSW Australia 40 x 30 cm 2002

Roses and a blue picket fence


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