Fortezza da Basso Firenze Italia Decembre 3 - 11 2005


Art is solitary, hidden rewards make up for bad weather and social circumstances prevent days in the field

Italy...Rome, Gavignano and Florence have been powerful and fascinating... discovered grapes here which will be hard to beat anywhere on earth

Constant reminding's of the Roman Empire...and the many painters, who like me, have walked these narrow streets

Villages cut in every hilltop, reaching out for the sun ...fortified cities of stone and white marble, clothed in oils on canvas



ENVER LARNEY impressions of our world


Dal 1972 ad oggi Larney ha dipinto centinaia di quadri ad olio, eseguiti tutti in una volta en plein air e in situ, alla maniera impressionista

Dopo piu di 40 mostre personali, presenta ora le sue opera a Firenze, Sara` felice di illustrare personalmente le sue opere a chi ne fara' richiesta

Nato a Cape Town in Sud Africa , cittadino Australiano ha viaggiato in tutti il mondo dipingendo ad olio su tela


Collezionisti Privati i suoi quandri fanno parte di collezioni private o di associazioni corporative

L'artista sara lieto di mostrare personalmente i suoi numerosissimi lavori


Impressionist painting images of our earth en plein air and in situ

Larney completes his canvases in one sitting and after more than forty one man shows globally since 1972, presents his work in Florence

He was born in Cape Town South Africa, is a citizen of Australia and has travelled the world in order to paint these oils on canvas


Corporate and Private Collections

You are invited to view works in private audience during the biennial


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1 Le Pont de Langlois Arles Provence

France 2004

Vincent van Gogh painted this bridge in March and April 1881 under similar conditions of early spring with cold crisp light and fast moving clouds

20 x 26 inches - 50.5 x 66 cm

€ 12,000.00


2 Florence Italy 2005

Florentine skyline during late autumn

showing the Fiumo Arno flowing through

its many bridges and past the historic

Palazzo Vecchio whch has graced

this beautiful city since 1299

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 71 cm

€ 7,500.00

3 Tree at A'Seeb Oman 2002

A lone tree defies fierce elements at

A'Seeb in Oman

Early summer with

extremely hot temperatures

20 x 26 inches - 50 x 68 cm

€ 4,700.00


4 Gavignano Italy 2005

Late autumn crop of ramaroccia

at Gavignano north of Rome

The heart of Italy lies beyond its cities

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 71 cm

€ 5,600.00




5 Hills around Gavignano Italy 2005

The Passo Castagno valley and hills

around Gavignano north of Rome

showing late autumn crop of


Strong pre-winter light

and low temperatures

20 x 25 inches - 50 x 65 cm

€ 4,000.00


6 St Peter Vatican from Pinchio Rome Italy 2005

Late afternoon view from Pinchio

Villa Borghese, of the Roman skyline and the

Vatican's St Peter's dome

Intermittent showers, troubled sky with

fast moving cloud low on the horizon

mild temperatures

20 x 25 inches - 50 x 65 cm

€ 4,500.00



7 Santa Maria del Fiore Florence Italy 2005

Inspired by Bernini, the dome still

scatters light across the Florentine

basin ringed by mountains

Autumn with morning mist clearing late

20 x 25 inches - 50 x 65 cm


8 Ponte Milvio

Rome Italy 2005

Among the oldest Roman bridges,

Ponte Milvio guards the northern

entrance to the city

River Tiber flows powerfully fast

into Rome, reminded of its earlier

influence in Europe

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 71 cm



9 Lake with Temple Esculapio

Villa Borghese Rome Italy 2005

Il lago col Tempio di Esculapio

The lake and Temple Esculapio

Centerpiece of the Villa Borghese

gardens in Rome

painted in early autumn

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 71 cm

€ 5,500.00


10 Entrance to Emperor Hadrian's Tomb

Rome Italy 2005

Castel Sant' Angelo was built

by the Emperor Hadrian 117 - 138 BC

as a mausoleum for himself and his family

Bronze statue of archangel Michael added

in 1752

Statues along the bridge by Bernini

under Clement IX between 1667-1669

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 71 cm

€ 4,200.00


11 Vatican from Pinchio Villa Borghese

Rome Italy 2005

St Peter's dome seen through the trees

at Pinchio, Villa Borghese

Consecrated by Pope Urban VIII

in 1626

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 71 cm

€ 4,300.00





12 St Peter's dome Vatican from Villa Borghese

Rome overlooking piazza del Popolo

Italy 2005

View from Pinchio, one of the highest hills

on the eastern side of the river

overlooking the Vatican and

piazza del Popolo where some

Carravaggio paintings live in the

basilica at lower right

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 71 cm

€ 5,300.00


13 Colosseum ( 80 AD ) and Via del Fori Imperiali

Rome Italy 2005

Imperial roadway leading to the Colosseum

and Roman Forum where the ruins of ancient

Rome lay 16 feet below the modern city

20 x 25 inches - 50 x 65 cm

€ 4,200.00






14 Ponte Fabricio

Rome Italy 2005

First of two bridges ( partially reconstructed )

connecting the river island of Isola Tiberina

to the rest of the city

Built in 62 BC by Lucius Fabricius

making it the oldest bridge in Rome

20 x 25 inches - 50 x 65 cm

€ 4,200.00



15 Ponte Cestio

Rome Italy 2005

Second oldest bridge in Rome, originally

built by Lucius Cestius in 46 BC

and rebuilt in 1892 linking the island

of Isola Tiberina to the suburb of

Trastevere in the south

20 x 25 inches - 50 x 65 cm

€ 4,500.00



16 Santa Maria del Fiore

Florence Italy 2005

Painted from Giardino di Boboli

below Forte di Belvedere

with threatening rain and haze

Autumn - winter mist and cloudy

conditions occasionally revealing

mountains behind the dome

20 x 25 inches - 50 x 65 cm

€ 5,400.00


17 Marseille Pierre Plats Provence

France 2002

First settled in 600 BC by Greece

Here ancient foundations guard the

entrance to Vieux Port, La bonne Mere

on Marseille skyline

22 x 24 inches - 55 x 61 cm

€ 5,500.00

18 Irises at high altitude in Auribeau Luberon

France 2004

22 x 24 inches - 55 x 61 cm

€ 15,000.00

19 Eiffel Tower from the Seine with boats

Paris France 2005

Late winter with zero temperatures and

fast changing clouds Unusually cold

European winter makes life difficult,

but managed two works in Paris ...

these French barges and a similar work

the previous day

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 71 cm

€ 6,500.00

20 Olive Grove at Graveson en Provence

France 2004

Farmhouse with olive grove at

Graveson en Provence

Early spring clear cold and

windy conditions

22 x 24 inches - 55 x 61 cm

€ 5,300.00

21 St Martin de Castillon Luberon

France 2004

Saint Martin de Castillon,

surviving medieval village left horizon

painted from Auribeau with

French Alps to the northeast

22 x 26 inches - 55 x 66 cm

€ 5,500.00

22 Saguaro National Park Tucson

Arizona USA 2003

Saguaro cacti are protected in Arizona

Here in the Saguaro National Park near Tucson

they proliferate in a natural Sonoran setting

along with rattlesnakes

20 x 25 inches - 51 x 66 cm

€ 5,400.00



23 Four Peaks Phoenix

Arizona USA 2003

Phoenix Arizona is surrounded

by spectacular mountain peaks and lakes

Here the Four Peaks range commands

the view east of Scottsdale

19 x 23 inches - 48.5 x 58 cm

€ 4,800.00


24 Saguaro cactus in the Sonoran desert

Arizona USA 2002

Painted from Anthem just north of Phoenix

Atmospheric canvas reflecting heat

in the Sonoran high desert

20 x 28 inches - 50 x 71 cm

€ 5,000.00

25 US Flag at Anthem

Arizona USA 2002

A lone US flag rises from the

desert floor near Anthem

north of Phoenix

20 x 27 inches - 50.5 x 68.5 cm

€ 3,500.00

26 Hollywood Hills

California USA 2003

View of the hills from Vasanta Drive

north Hollywood and Charlie Chaplin's

earlier hunting lodge

16 x 20 inches - 40 x 50 cm

€ 4,000.00


27 Cockscomb Butte Sedona

Arizona USA 2003

Red rock country around Sedona

in northern Arizona

Natural setting for most early western

films which were all shot among

these hills, gullies and dry creek beds

20 x 26 inches - 55 x 66 cm

€ 4,500.00



28 London from Overhill Road

East Dulwich England 2001

Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben

rise over the Thames river

St Paul's Cathedral and the National

Bank tower visible in center

Painted from Overhill Road at

East Dulwich - one of the highest

hills in London

20 x 28 inches - 50.8 x 71.1 cm

€ 4,500.00


29 Westminster House of Parliament

London England 2001

The British Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

seen from across the Thames at Waterloo

Cloudy day with showers but resulting

diminishing light creating character

with subdued colour

22 x 24 inches - 55.9 x 61 cm

€ 3,600.00


30 London from Parliament Hill

Hampstead Heath

England 2002

Parliament Hill is one of the high

areas of London that I use to gain

elevation for a greater view

20 x 24 inches - 51 x 61 cm

€ 3,700.00



31 London from Parliament Hill

Hampstead Heath

England 2002

Second of the Parliament Hill works

with southerly view showing the

London skyline

20 x 24 inches - 51 x 61 cm

€ 3,700.00


32 Westminster Abbey from Abbey grounds

London England 2003

Painted on a typical London day

with frequent showers making work

difficult but creating clear vibrant

colours of the abbey

20 x 26 inches - 50 x 66 cm

€ 3,700.00



33 Mushriff Park

Dubai UAE 2002

The desert in the outskirts of Dubai

20 x 24 inches - 50 x 61 cm

€ 3,800.00



34 Fishing boats at Jumeira beach

Dubai UAE 2002

Outside the metropolis of Dubai,

traditional fishing customs are still

visible though fast disappearing

due to rapid urban development

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 68 cm

€ 5,400.00


35 Burj Al Arab

Dubai UAE 2002

Famed Burj Al Arab hotel with coastal

scrub in Dubai where rapid urban

development threatens views

such as this

20 x 27 inches - 50 x 68 cm

€ 4,700.00

36 Macheraclogher Co. Donegal

Ireland 1997

Small format work along the north western

coast of the Irish Republic

in County Donegal showing a desolate

coastline with windswept grasslands

40 x 50 cm

€ 3,000.00



37 Dunlewey Co. Donegal

Ireland 1997

Also called the poison lake,

this late October view of the hills

around Dunlewey turning purple

with the dying holly

23 x 26 inches - 58 x 68 cm

€ 2,700.00


38 Mount Errigal Co. Donegal

Ireland 1997

Large format canvas showing

the kaolin top that makes Mt Errigal

such a feature around Gweedore in the

north of the Republic of Ireland

64.3 x 77 cm

€ 2,800.00