Enver Larney

Impressionist Oil Painter

The Newlands cricket ground painted from the Oaks pavilion two days before the first test between India and South Africa. My first canvas in 2018 during a visit to Cape Town, showing the SA team in a huddle before practice in the nets.

I was fortunate to be invited to the Newlands Cricket ground by Media and Communications head of Cricket South Africa, Altaaf Kazi, so a chance to paint the most beautiful ground in the world was begging and this resulted in an intimate work that will certainly attract some interest.

Paris from the Basilique du Sacre Coeur de Montmartre France 2016

Paris has drawn me there to paint with every European schedule and this recent canvas the result of these many visits. The Basilique du Sacre Coeur, from where many painters had tried to capture the city from this height, included Vincent van Gogh, Gauguin and many emerging painters along Rue de Clichy and other narrow streets of the Montmartre, a bustling frontier of French innovation and science leading up to its Centenary celebrations during the late nineteenth century, spearheaded by simple tools of the artist. This canvas from the top of those steps, was painted during August 2016 between my travels from Sardinia to La Rochelle along the south west coast of France. The French Mediterranean light from Spain, across to Italy is unique in the world and I have luckily been able to paint here on many occasions. 19 x 26 inches

Eiffel Tower from Seine With Boats Paris France Winter 2005

Late winter with zero temperatures and fast changing clouds showing some boats along the Seine and Eiffel tower. The coldest winter in Europe in almost fifty years made it difficult to produce but I did manage this canvas and also a similar work the previous day which I sold immediately to a Frenchman living in Paris. The biting cold presented some unusual colour configurations which were bleak. 22 x 27 inches

Le Pont de Langlois Arles Provence France 2004

The Langlois bridge at Arles that van Gogh painted in March and April 1888. This was painted in March 2004 during similar weather conditions, cold and crisp with fast moving cloud. Visiting Arles for the first time had me heading straight for the Yellow house and the Tambourine Cafe, but sadly the building was destroyed during the second world war by German troops. Today, a hotel featuring prints of Vincent's work all over its foyer, and painted bright yellow, marks the place, attracting visitors from around the world wanting to be near him.. Vincent painted the Langlois bridge from the other side and from a spot closer to the water, also adding farm carts and locals in his paintings. Of all the work I have done around the world, this is one of my favourites. This region in Provence is spectacular and offers the perfect light conditions for an impressionist. During the nineteenth century, rural agriculture and its colourful farm characters afforded van Gogh ample subject material and he made good use of it all. Reminding him of conditions in Belgium where he used farm hands as subjects in both his drawings and paintings during his early twenties and before he finally gave up a career as a priest and headed for Paris. The three months in Provence during the late winter and early spring of 2004 was memorable, giving me a glimpse into the trials of van Gogh and his final months spent here. 22 x 27 inches

Newsroom chats to Enver Larney

Enver Larney has, over the last few decades, been hard at work capturing intoxicating scenes from around the world, oil on canvas. After more than 50, one-man shows exhibited globally since 1972, his works appear in many collections and institutions the likes of the Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, the Musee d'Affiche, in Paris, as well as countless private collections around the world.

Chapman’s Peak Cape Peninsula South Africa 2015

Chapman’s Peak along the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula. Seen from Kommetjie during summer with dry scrub due to low rainfall in the area, that continue to persist. Northerly view with the back of Table Mountain visible. 20 x 26 inches - 50 x 64.5 cm

Seaweed at Kommetjie Cape Peninsula South Africa 2015

I have visited South Africa frequently to paint the spectacular Western Cape and this white sanded beach at Kommetjie is one of my early surfing jaunts there. 20 x 26 inches

Constantia Valley Cape Town South Africa 2017

This view of Table mountain and Devil's Peak from the Steenberg Vineyards, the first registered farm here, shows the Constantia Valley, cultivated soon after Europeans arrived in the Cape during the seventeenth century. Painted during my recent visit to South Africa where I have been fortunate to create a multitude of canvases over the years. 20 x 24 inches

Field In The Langeberg Western Cape South Africa 2016

A field along the Langeberg range of mountains in the district of Hessequa, of natural African sage, (Salvia africana-caerulea) used in traditional cleansing ceremonies and also known as the dreaming herb. 19 x 26 inches - 49.5 x 64.5 cm

Kopberg Heidelberg South Africa 2015

Roses near the Duiwenhoks dam between Heidelberg and Riversdale. 20 x 26 inches - 50 x 66 cm

Lions Head Cape Town South Africa 2016

This place, painted in late 2016, was from a location where a solemn ceremony by the KhoiSan, First Peoples of this region, was taking place and marking the last surviving native home in the city of Cape Town. 19 x 26 inches

Picket Fence Near Heidelberg Western Cape South Africa 2016

An old picket fence and thicket near Heidelberg in South Africa with Kopberg forming part of the Langeberg range in the district of Overberg, Western Cape. 19 x 26 inches

The Cape Peninsula South Africa 2016

This view of Cape Town, painted from the Helderberg (clear mountain) range, shows Table mountain, Lions Head and Signal Hill towards the right horizon and a spine of granite mountain features leading south to the left, along its peninsula. 19 x 26 inches - 49.5 x 64.5 cm

Table mountain from Phillippi Cape Town South Africa 2016

A common summer haze across the Peninsula’s Cape Flats with dry corn and foreground sunflowers at Phillippi. Iconic view of Devil’s Peak and Table mountain. 20 x 26 inches - 55 x 65.4 cm

Olives Klein Drakenstein Cape South Africa 2013

Olives growing in the folds of the Klein Drakenstein during late summer. The range of mountains form part of the Cape Fold that are trusted sentinels and reminded of Les Alpilles in Provence southern France. 20 x 26 inches - 50 x 64 cm

Gordon’s Bay Western Cape South Africa 2015

Gordon’s Bay, seen from Knorhoek Farm. These farms were the first to encroach upon the flora, fauna and indigenous population during the early seventeenth century. Large populations of Cape leopards were driven from here, though small protected colonies are found along the Langeberg ranges that follow the coastline eastwards. 20 x 25 inches - 49 x 63.5 cm

Lighthouse at Kalk Bay Cape Town South Africa 2016

Kalk Bay is the gateway to fishing in Cape Town and protected from a troublesome Atlantic Ocean along the False Bay coast. It's jetty and lighthouse are seen here, painted from the ocean side of the railway station, with a fast approaching incoming tide. 19 x 26 inches - 49.5 x 64.5 cm