Enver Larney

Impressionist Oil Painter

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Alps From Geneva Switzerland 2016 20 x 26 inches

The Sydney Opera House And Harbour Bridge. Australia 2007 20 x 26 inches

Sydney harbour just before sunset during early autumn. Painted from the landmark of Lady Macquarrie's Chair - which forms a headland and reserve around the Opera House complex. This section of the harbour originally formed part of Sydney Cove and earliest settlement of mainland Australia.

Templehof Airfield Berlin Germany 2014 20 x 26 inches

Oberbaumbrucke Berlin Germany 2009 20 x 26 inches

Frequent visits to Berlin has produced many canvasses and here are two of my favourite ones.

Mount Errigal County Donegal Ireland 2016 20 x 26 inches

Purple Heather And Mount Errigal From Dore Co. Donegal Ireland 2016 18 x 26 inches

During a recent trip to Ireland I had the opportunity to paint Mount Errigal once again. Donegal is my favourite County there and I hope to return again soon.

The place that I painted on this day in late 2016, was from a location in Cape Town where a very solemn ceremony by the First Peoples of this region, the KhoiSan, was taking place representing a place where the last colony of indigenous survived before most of the city was usurped by Europeans. This is the view of Lions Head rising to the west of here, as Aboriginals saw it before the advent of European colonisation during the seventeenth century.

An old picket fence and thicket near Heidelberg in South Africa with Kopberg forming part of the Langeberg range in the district of Overberg, Western Cape.

Hutan Perdik Forest Malaysia 2016 20 x 26 inches

Hutan Perdik forest lies near the village of Hulu Langat northeast of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. I have been fortunate to visit these forests which are protected here as a national heritage. Most of Malaysia still proudly boasts great stands of tall trees unlike Indonesia where rampant old growth logging threatens the entire south Asian region. Friendly Malaysians have made this a memorable trip heightened by an exotic cuisine filled with spices.

Sabah Hut In Malaysia 2016 20 x 26 inches

A traditional Sabah hut in Malaysia.

Among earlier canvases in Indonesia was this house in a rice field outside Ubud in Bali and (below) another canvas painted during the shooting of Tombiruo in Malaysia near the village of Nanding in the district of Hulu Langat near Kuala Lumpur. Extreme hot and humid weather given its proximity to the equator. This grove of indigenous trees are making way for habitat expansion on the outskirts of the city with lush undergrowth and exquisitely beautiful forests which are somewhat protected by local environmental practices.

During my last visit to Spain last year, I had a chance to paint the Royal Palace and beautiful city of Toledo just south of here.

Toledo Spain 2016 20 x 26 inches

Toledo painted during fierce hot temperatures during my last visit to Spain.

The Royal Palace Madrid Spain 2016 20 x 26 inches

Newsroom chats to Enver Larney

Enver Larney has, for the past 25 years, been hard at work capturing intoxicating scenes from around the world, oil on canvas. After more than 50, one-man shows exhibited globally since 1972, his works appear in many collections and institutions the likes of the Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, the Musee d'Affiche, in Paris, as well as countless private collections around the world.

I have visited South Africa frequently to paint the spectacular Western Cape and this white sanded beach at Kommetjie is one of my early surfing jaunts there.

This view of Table mountain and Devil's Peak from the Steenberg Vineyards, the first registered farm here, shows the Constantia Valley, cultivated soon after Europeans arrived in the Cape during the seventeenth century. Painted during my recent visit to South Africa where I have been fortunate to create a multitude of canvases over the years.

In this late afternoon view of the Hollywood Hills near Vasanta Drive, smoke rise over the the valley during winter. Cinematography which rules around here, shadows the lives of locals and it was inspiring for me to share in this creative buzz. The weather, which was always welcome, generally came in over the Pacific and I could relate to that. My home in Australia is on the other side of the Pacific, which has become my endearing ocean now, given that I was born off the wild Atlantic ocean in Cape Town South Africa.

Paintings across the USA range from the Pacific Trail in Washington State, down to the Sonoran desert near the Mexican border, California and Arizona where I spent considerable time as well as lower altitude desert country around Joshua Tree and Los Angeles. Rattlesnake country. Tucson's Saguaro National Park in Arizona, painted during early summer with high temperatures.These stands of Saguaro cacti are protected throughout Arizona. During the course of this painting I encountered a rattlesnake for the first time. Through the still morning, I first heard the distinctive sound, then moments later located it visually under a tree about twenty feet away. I continued painting throughout its presence and sent out a mental conversation which made me relax and continue the painting without incident. These cacti have become threatened with poaching recently, requiring the park to employ Saguaro police whose sole job it is to protect these huge monoliths from theft. This is a new event and stretches right across the Mexican border and threatening the ecology of the sensitive Sonoran region.

Hollywood Hills California USA 1997 20 X 24 inches

Sonoran desert near Anthem AZ USA 2002 20 x 28 inches

Saguaro National Park Tucson Arizona USA 2003 20 x 25 inches

Mount Ararat North Eastern Anatolia Turkey 2006 20 x 26 inches

“I felt like Horatio walking through the cobbled stone alleyways of Rome, deep in thought, knowing of its impending demise and the inevitable onset of ruin. In these mountains at least there appeared to be solid ground underfoot that had withstood the ravishes of time. Its Kurdish population had been swept aside by the arrival of modernity yet they displayed a celebratory spirit in all their ways, from goatskin yurts to the musical welcome in their voices. A place like this, so close to heaven, despite the howling wind and swift clouds seemed irresistible to wayward travellers and painters alike”. Dogubayarzit eastern Turkey 2004

Mount Ararat painted from an orchard near Dogubayarzit, with the summit visible on a clear day. Hot temperatures but friendly Kurds supplied me with watermelon and lunch that consisted of mashed potato laced with spices, also bread and a pot of tea. A short distance away from here, a Kurdish farmer lived with his family. His young son came over and hung around smiling broadly for most of the morning and around lunchtime his father arrived with a tray bearing lunch.